Age: 19

Gender: Female

Race: Human

Hometown: The Next Town

Skill: Licking minty things, Class Change

First appearance: Chapter One

Current Location: With the party.


The Inn Keeper of The Next Town. She met Mint Whelp while doing

her job, and, even helped him when he was going to save Karenina

by giving her a key to the weapon shop. She was the owner

of the Mint Scroll that Mint Whelp needed in order to find

the Eternal Mint. During the party's stay at Fechi Valley, the NPC

Bookguide she possesed was useful to call the

Knowledgeable English Man, and during their visit to Technocity,

her Class Change to Status Strategist helped the party escape from

an angry, yet very civilized mob. Her main reason to join the

party was to lick Mint Whelp, and, if the party ever finds the

Eternal Mint, there's a big chance she'd like to have a lick on it.

Some would say she'd have some sort of problem with her

lack of past, but, this comic isn't deep enough to delve in such

psychological problems.


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