Age: 30, in monster-y ages

Gender: Male

Race: Monster

Hometown: None right now.

Skill: Growing in size and strength.

First appearance: Chapter One

Current Location: Stalking MintWhelp.


He once used to be a mere shadowy monster that was in

another Horde of Monsters. His size was small and

his strength was pretty common, so, nobody would expect

him to be anything more than cannon fodder, ready to

be killed by any hero that happened to be close-by.


But, one day, someone felt admiration for him.


Some say it was because he killed a hero all by himself. Some

other say that he ate a hot dog with tabasco sauce in one gulp,

and some other people state other theories that are far more

ridiculous than these ones. In any case, when he received

admiration, his strength and size grew a bit more, which

caused more admiration, which then caused more strength and

size to appear in his body, until he became a hulking giant.


Then, he abandoned his Horde, to create a new one from zero.

As a matter of coincidence, he found some skeletons, which

fell for his charisma, strength and size, which caused

him to grow stronger, attracting more skeletons in his Horde.

It was the most perfect arrangement, until a certain

Mint tasting Dragon cub inflicted an unceremonious wound

on him, obligating him to use some pants and a matching shirt.

Soon, the skeletons abandoned him, and he was left

alone and losing strength and size.


The Monster Horde Leader followed MintWhelp to the

Beach, were he found some ants that now respect him a lot.

With such respect on his side, The Monster Horde Leader

is ready to fight and defeat Mint Whelp once and for all.... that is, if

he can find a cure to a painful wedgie inflicted by a rather

small pair of shorts.


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