Age: Their age varies a lot.

Gender: Mostly Male

Race: Monster

Hometown: They are more on the nomad side.

Skill: Many, but mostly, attack unsuspecting heroes and NPC's

First appearance: Chapter One

Current Location: All around the world.


They once used to be humans, but they were

revived by the evil force of Coffee, their minds warped

into vicious beasts that want to kill all life as we know it.

Well, most of that is true, but they aren't that evil actually,

they just follow orders from any leader that is more charismatic

than them.

That's why they followed the orders of The Monster Horde

Leader, but, he fell out of their grace when a Mint-tasting

Dragon cub defeated him and he had to use pants and a matching

shirt to cover the wound he was inflicted.

Soon, the skeletons abandoned him; and now they are

trying to make a living in a world that has far more flesh

than they do.

Wished we could say that one of them actually went into

another dimension, and nowadays tries to defeat

some "Masters of the Something-that-may-be-the-Universe"

but we fear somebody may sue us if we do. ((Not to mention,

it is completely false.))


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