Age: 30 years old

Gender: Male.

Race: Human

Hometown: Dressed Fish Town

Skill: Banning nudity with oversized muscles

First appearance: Chapter Four

Current Location: With Jerred's party.


Perversion Beach Patroller, better known as PBP, comes from

a large family line of nudity banning soldiers, estated from

100 years ago. His mother, his father and everyone before

him have worked hard to keep the world clothed and



Soon after he learnt the art of using his muscles to ban

people out of any place, PBP decided to go to the only place

where he could find people daring enough to go around naked:

the beach. So, he created a handy handbook of rules to abide

to, and merrily lived in the beach for 12 years, banning

nude people away.


That is, until Mint Whelp's party arrived, followed a long while

later by Jerred. From then on, PBP traveled the world and

understood that there could be naked people everywhere.


Nowadays, his mission is to travel the lands alongside

Jerred, banning all nudity around him...


Will nudity survive his power??




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