Age: Maybe some weeks...?

Gender: Male

Race: Insect

Hometown: Next Town.

Skill: Convincing Monsters into it's hideous plans.

First appearance: Chapter One

Current Location: Stalking the party.


He used to be some Random Butterfly that wanted to join the

party. But, when he was rejected, he swore revenge on the party,

and, from then on, he's been scheming evil plans, first convincing

the Monster Horde Leader into attacking Fechi Valley, then,

attacking MintWhelp in Acirema. Of course, his evil

revenge has been thwarted every time.


Lately, since the party has the company of a certain

adult-oriented magazine's star, the random Butterfly has been

stalking them, awaiting the moment it can get close to his

obsession's target, and destroy the party all at the same time.

Of course, if his bad luck continues, he won't be able to

achieve either objective.


Oh, did we mention he has the biggest, most complete collection

of adult-insect-oriented magazines in the whole world?


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