Age: 85, we think.

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Hometown: None (Origin is in an isolated mountainous area)

Skill: Performing Heroic Deeds that inspire Glorious Songs

First appearance: Chapter Two

Current Location: Anywhere.


Son of a Crimson Knight who continues the family line of

being cool and manly. Spent 24 years training with his father

to earn the right to use the Crimson Slasher and become a

true Crimson Knight (average for such tests is 18 years). After

this, he traveled the world and faught evil, earning favors

from kings, politicians and heroes in case the world

fell upon evil times.


Created a large band of loyal inner circle men who

were dedicated to defending justice and tea. Each member

being a hero in their own right with their own

stories and glorious songs.


Favourite colour is said to be red, but it has being theorised

that he was simply acting tough after slaying a bunch of enemies.


During the tea wars Jerred formed a coalition of countries together

to fight the evil of David. Many of these countries were old enemies

and they were only held together thanks to representatives from

Jerred's inner circle. After the war the nations of the coalition were

bonded together in battle and peace reigned for the first time

in generations.


The cost was high though, Jerred's inner circle had dwinded to just

a few dedicated members. The graves of his members are located

were they fell in battle, as a reminder of such terrable times when

such manly and handsome men could fall.


Nowadays, as the Evil David is reborn, and evilness menaces

the world, Jerred must do all at his reach to make sure

peace will remain in the world... that is, if he can fight

against the incompetence of MintWhelp's party first, that is.


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