Age: 80 years.

Gender: Male.

Race: Human

Hometown: Unknown (Destroyed during the Tea Wars)

Skill: Amazing strength, and attacks named after  a dragon

First appearance: Chapter Three

Current Location: Another Dimension.


He once was a member of the Tea Liberation Front. On those days,

his name was Neosaim Hyakureiki, and alongside Sdragon and Jaime,

adventures and treasure where routine in his life; until Jerred

Crimson recruited the three of them to fight against the Evil David.


He was responsible of the alliance between the Tea Liberation Front

and  the Nomad Assasin Clans. His gentle nature and his love of

dragons made him a very likeable person.


Such was his gentle nature, it was a real surprise when he

reappeared after sixty years of absence, this time on David's side.

Nobody knows why he changed sides, or why his sole purpose was

to get Ultimate Power.


He now tried to obtain Dragons' blood, to become the most powerful

being in the Universe, and MintWhelp was an important part of

such plan. He awaited in Technocity for MintWhelp's arrival, all

thanks to Karenina, whom Dejeron used to search for unique

Dragons to drink their blood.


After MintWhelp obtained a way to get an unlimited amount of

Dragonic Class Changes, David told Dejeron that the key to power

was in an Ultimate Thong. Dejeron obtained it, and he was about

to defeat the party, when someone ripped off his thong, to then be

banned away by the Perversion Beach Patroller. Nowadays,

Dejeron is building up an empire of evil in the Dimension he was

banned into.


Dejeron obviously has some sort of connection with Karenina, as

he was the one that cloned her from another woman he knew in

his past, used her to search fro unique Dragons, and keeps telling

her some cryptic things about her being his... something.


What could corrupt a kind man into an evilbeing? Maybe we will

someday know the answer.


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