Age: around her 20's

Gender: Female.

Race: Fechi

Hometown: Fechi Valley (currently gone).

Skill: She is quite sexy!

First appearance: Chapter Two

Current Location: With the Fechi Exodus party.


Else is easily identified from her fellow Fechies by the fact that she is,

 for an unknown reason, pink. She is currently in relations with Timelson,

 the Fechies guardian. All her kind see's her as the most sexy of all the

Fechies and many members from other species agree.


Her Sexy Points (SP) are so large, she can take the freedom of sharing

them with other persons, transforming them into very sexy

characters, like she did with Skelly.

She has an certain dislikeness to Vessee, another Sexy Fechi, who

has a rather long tail, that, in Else's words "...that excuse of a

woman... her tail must have implants!"


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