Age: 78

Gender: Female

Race: Human

Hometown: Nomad Tribe of Assasins at the time.

Skill: Assasin Techniques, Imbuing weapons with own soul.

First appearance: Chapter Three

Current Location: Alongside Neosaim Jr.


Gala Anabax was one of the heroines of the Tea Liberation Front,

also known as one of the Martyr Maidens, though to her sacrifice

at the End of the Tea Wars.


Born in a nomadic tribe of assasins, Gala was taught the arts of

stealth and assasination since she was small. Cold and

untalkative, she was one of the best in her tribe.


When the Tea Wars began, her tribe took the role as mercenaries

for both parts of the conflict; but thanks to Neosaim's efforts and

warm heart, they ended up taking sides with the Tea Liberation

Front. Gala was added to the Tea Liberation Front

as proof of the agreement.


Gala knew the warmth of humankind through Neosaim, and found

that there existed people who cared about the well-being of

the world and its future generations.


Gala participated in many stealth missions for the Tea Liberation

Front, being the last one the key to Victory. She had to infiltrate

David's HQ in space, and bring it down to earth, so the heroes

could attack and bring the conflict to an end. Unfortunately,

Gala sacrificed her life in that mission, an event that would be

told through generations.


But, Gala's soul remained on Earth, bound to her contract, which

she swore to "complete even in the afterlife". She hangs out with

Neosaim Jr. and takes care of him as much as she can.


One question remains though... If her mission was to destroy

Coffee Evilness once and for all, why was she helping the son of

one of it's most trusted soldiers?


Maybe the answer will come someday.


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