Age: A lot of time, since it is already deflating

Gender: We suppose it is male.

Race: Toy

Hometown: Fechi Valley (currently gone).

Skill: Defeating enemies with bouncy attacks.

First appearance: Chapter Two

Current Location: With the Fechi Exodus party.


He used to protect the Fechi Valley long before this

comic began. Of course, time has gone by since then, and,

nowadays, he's only called forth whenever the current

Guardian, Timelson, takes some free time for himself.


Taking in mind it's age, the Fechies have set Else as it's

support, helping it whenever it shows signs of deflation They

were a mighty, unstoppable team, until the enemy attacked at

night, when Else was asleep and Inflatable Toy was short on

air. Since then, we haven't seen much on this team.


A righteous toy, it won't mind sending it's own people to jail

if they are doing wrong, even though he later pays the bail-out.

Indeed, a toy everyone wants to be.


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