Age: 80 years old, looks around his twenties

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Hometown: Unknown ((disappeared during the Tea Wars))

Skill: Tagle Family Line Swordskills, Motorbiking.

First appearance: Chapter One

Current Location: With the party.


One of the Heroes of the Tea Liberation Front, back in

the Tea Wars, sixty years ago. He was born in a family of

swordsmen and swordsmiths, the Tagle Family Line, known

because of their extreme trainings, and their superb ability

to forge a sword from any kind of material.


Although her brother Owen was superior to him in any and

all trainings, his father Jeronimo had great expectations for

Jaime, probably "the only one that would understand

the true Secret of the Family Line's Technique". Despite those

great expectations, and his father's pleas,

Jaime abandoned the training with his father, and formed

a mercenary band  along with his friends, Neosaim Hyakureiki

and Sdragon.


Jerred, the Leader of the Tea Liberation Front saw the great

sense of justice and teaness in the three, and decided to recruit

them, hoping to defeat David with their help.


Jaime was able to stablish a bond of trust with the catpeople,

the only ones who possesed the technology necessary to

defeat David. He fell in love with a catgirl called Idarin, who was

the daughter of the battleship designer of the catpeople race.


Unfortunately, their love was violently destroyed when a monster

attack destroyed the catpeople's village, while Jaime helped

his brother Owen ((who joined soon after Jaime did, under

his father's orders)) in a desperate battle against the

minions of David. Jaime has never been able to forgive himself

for not being there when his beloved Idarin died.


After the war, Jaime got a job as a drunken NPC, and another

part-time job at Technocity as a Motorbiker. He met the party

while in his first job, and finally joined them when they reached

Technocity. He stayed with them to honour the fact that

Jerred was helping the party too.


With Jerred's death, Jaime has been trying to be the guiding voice

of reason within the party, but, due to the party unexperience, ((or

plain idiocy, however you want to see it)) his guiding voice of

reason has slowly dwindled to a simple whimper.


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