Age: 21 years old

Gender: Female

Race: Human

Hometown: Technocity ((currently destroyed))

Skill: Proficiency with most types of swords.

First appearance: Chapter One

Current Location: With the party.


The secondary female character that, as in all cliche comics,

is sexy, strong, cute, and is in love with the comic's Hero...

Unfortunately, we are so cheap, we can't even

afford a good cliche at all. Karenina is strong,

but not sexy or cute ((about her being in love with

the Hero, let's remember this comic lacks of a true

Hero...)) Often mistaken for a male, Karenina strives to

become more femenine, while, at the same time she fights

evil monsters with scary ferocity.


Not much is known about her parents or her childhood at

Technocity. We only know that she used to participate

in Motorbike contests when she was 15, and that she

was banned from Technocity because she entered an illegal

mode of Motorbiking. She spent 6 years of her life as a

mercenary, losing most of her feminity in the process.


In her mercenary days, she met a man called Yanzou Bechamell,

whom she fell in love with. Unfortunately for her, Yanzou was

not interested in male-ish girls, so Karenina decided to abandon

the mercenary career, and follow the path towards feminity.


That, until he met Mint Whelp, who convinced her of

joining his quest for the Eternal Mint. Karenina thought of this

more like a game than anything else, but, this journey has

revealed a lot of her past, like the fact she is the clone of

another person, a person that Dejeron Updenroad ((one of the

comic's villians)) had a past with. Deep inside her, this has

lead her to a state of confusion... Will she find the thruth

of her origin someday?


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