Age: About 140 years old

Gender: Male.

Race: Human

Hometown: Houghton-le-Spring

Skill: Knowing everything, and sneaking from behind.

First appearance: Chapter Two

Current Location: Randomly appearing anywhere.


Knowledgeable English Man, also known as KEM, was born

in Houghton-le-Spring about 140 years ago. He became

knowledgeable by watching hours and hours of Cultural TV,

an activity that others usually branded as a waste of time.


60 years ago, KEM became part of the Tea Liberation Front, after

Jerred and his army saved his hometown from David's evil

forces. From then on, KEM became a key in every victory

of the Tea Liberation Front, due to his Knowledge on every

bit of strategy ever applied in History, and he was vital

when the Tea Liberation Front had to resist David's new

offensive with his battleships, bringing victory at the

end of the whole conflict.


Sealing himself into a Holy Teapot, he awaited for the very

day he'd be needed again, and spent 60 years watching more

Cultural TV. Once he was summoned by the Mintwhelp's

party, he had acquired enough knowledge to be able

to sneak on people's back without being heard or seen.


As the Tea vs. Coffee conflict is reborn, KEM nowadays

tries to gather information on where other members of the

Tea Liberation front are, and information on what is

David plotting...


But... taking in mind that he knows EVERYTHING, why would

he need to gather any sort of information? Maybe everything

is an excuse to keep himself away from the heroes' party...


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