Age: 8 years old (?)

Gender: Male

Race: Mint Dragon

Hometown: Dragon Town, Lower Section

Special Skill: Random Class change

First appearance: Chapter One

Current Location: With the party.


Supposedly, the Ultimate Hero of the comic, the one that tends

to solve every problem at hand when the situation is

desperate... Yes, we are also a bit disappointed, but,

nevertheless, Mint Whelp is quite an amazing Dragon Whelp,

and not only because of his mint tasting body.


Born from a Holy Dragon and a Fire Dragon, Mint Whelp was

raised by his grandparent, the only being that wasn't a dragon

and didn't want to lick him. His early childhood was filled

with stories from his grandparent, and the snide comments

that other whelps did on his minty elemental property.


Since tourists always wanted to lick him, he decided to look for

an Eternal Mint, an item his grandparent mentioned once in

a tale; the item is supposed to be a Mint so powerful

it lasted forever no matter how many times it was licked.


Mint Whelp has met powerful allies in his journey: Karenina, the

ex-mercenary; Inn Keeper, the... well, Inn Keeper; Yanzou a

Mercenary and pervert, along many other fantastic and wonderful

friends. He definately needs them now more than ever, because he's

slowly being absorbed into the consequences that left

the Tea Wars 60 years ago.


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