Age: 20

Gender: Female

Race: Human

Hometown: Some random small village

Skill: Perversion which humans would rarely grasp.

First appearance: Chapter Three

Current Location: With the party


She is one of the last surviving catpeople in the whole world. No one

knows who her parents are, but the fact that she is tail-less means

that she is, actually, a half breed between a catperson and

a human being. She'd probably be the proof that catpeople and

humans can co-exist, but we are talking about extinct species, not

some odd quasi-romance about two quarreling races.


Anyways, Misha was always a flirty person, thus gaining herself

the fame of being easy, and not-so-lady like. Nobody in her

village felt any respect for her, and she did very little to gain such

thing at all. Deep inside her, she was suffering, believe us.


One day, she was saved from an evil monster by Jerred Crimson;

she fell in love with the Legendary Hero, much to his dismay.

Misha joined the party soon after Jerred did, and stayed there,

because, in Misha's own words "they had amazingly handsome

men... None as handsome as Jerred, but they come second or

third best." Little does she know, though, that joining MintWhelp's

party will change her future, forever.


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