Age: 25

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Hometown: Technocity

Skill: Sniping Skills

First appearance: Chapter Three

Current Location: Somewhere close to the party.


Neosaim Hyakureiki Jr. is the son of one of the Heroes of the

Tea Wars. As such, he always had a hard time living up to his

father's Legend, training every day in the arts of fighting, arts

he wasn't specially gifted for, actually.


When his father became evil, though, Neosaim felt a bit of relief,

since he didn't have to live to his father's old legend of goodness;

he now had a new, bright path to follow in the ways of evil.

Unfortunately, his father was a better villian that he, and, once

again Neosaim was lying under the shadow of his father.


He wears an eyepatch to cover the fact that he has eyes of different

colour, and tends to pose as a crippled person to make his enemy

let his guard down.


Jerred bought his help for a pair of chocolate buttons, and some

pocket fluff. One can only wonder what could he possibly do with

such items... maybe he'll sell them off as "Items owned

by the Legend?"


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