Age: 21 years old

Gender: Male.

Race: Human/Dragon Hybrid

Hometown: Dragon Town

Skill: Using a sword and armor

First appearance: Chapter Four

Current Location: With Jaime's party.


The Slayer was born 10 years after the events depicted in the comic.

He learned the ways of the warrior first from Karenina, then from

three of the Tea Liberation Front heroes, Sir Whitman, Sir Eckhart

and Sir Nash.

Karenina took care of The Slayer and his two siblings, Minouzu and

Anme, while their parents fought against the powers of David.

Unfortunately, their parents failed, and Dejeron, one of

David's must trusted henchmen, was commissioned to search and

destroy Karenina and the sons of those who defied Coffee.


During 14 years, they escaped from Dejeron's grasp, until he finally

found them, and killed them, or so everyone thought he did.


The Slayer survived the attack along with Minouzu, and, using the

Dragon God of Time's help, they came to the past, ready to

destroy Dejeron while he was still gathering his powers.

Still, he was too powerful for him and Mint Whelp's party, and it was

only through sheer coincidence that they were able to get rid of him.


Realizing that David would hire a henchman to replace Dejeron

sooner or later, The Slayer decided to train under Jaime's

wing, hoping he would get the strength necessary to

destroy David once and for all.


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