Age: Varies from monster to monster

Gender: They variate a lot, too

Race: Slime Monster

Hometown: All over the world, baby

Skill: Being slimy, and change forms momentarily.

First appearance: Chapter Two

Current Location: All over the world.


They are reanimated blobs of everything you can think that has

sticky and/or slimy properties. From dog slime to taffy, these

beings vary in size, height, age and composition, sometimes

certain types of slimes are local to certain areas of the world.


They are usually aggressive due to their monstrous nature,

but, when they are calm, they often show signs of

civilized behaviour, and you can even see them participating

in civilized activities, like Swimsuits Contests, for



In any case, if you see one inside your city, take a few steps

behind, and go to your most trusted psychiatrist: this is

just a comic character, after all. ^_~-*


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