Age: around his 20's

Gender: Male.

Race: Fechi

Hometown: Fechi Valley (currently gone).

Skill: He is a powerful Warrior.

First appearance: Chapter Two

Current Location: With the Fechi Exodus party.


Timelson is the chosen guardian of Fechi valley. His duty is to train night

and day while the other Fechies go about their daily bussiness of drinking tea,

sun bathing and licking moss off of rocks (Well, we didn't say all of their food

were delicatessen...) In times of crisis the guardian is also charged with

being the leader. After the loss of their home Timelson is now

burdened with the task of finding a new place to live for his people.


But the long arm of the law waves menacingly at every turn and with evil stalking

the land, is there any place where the Fechi's can live in peace? Or will they be

some day forced to put the effort in to build their own houses?



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