Age: 20

Gender: Female

Race: Human

Hometown: Technocity

Skill: Being loyal servant, until the end.

First appearance: Chapter Two

Current Location: The end came too soon for her, so, none.


Tina used to be a teammate of Karenina's Motorbike Team. Due

to Karenina's fatal fault to Technocity's rules and regulations,

her friends were persecuted, and a few of them were tortured,

too, in order to coax them to not follow in Karenina's steps.


Tina was saved by Dejeron Updenroad, David's henchman,

and from then on, she owed total alligiance to him, no matter

how hard the mission, or how painful her death would be.


Unfortunately, Dejeron killed her once she outlived her usefulness,

even though she dedicated her mind and body to serve

him. Yet another life engulfed in the spiral

of Coffee Evilness.


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