Age: Very old, we think.

Gender: Male

Race: Monster

Hometown: It is more on the nomad side.

Skill: Being... thin, we think.

First appearance: Chapter Two

Current Location: Anywhere needing supplies.


Skeletons used to be humans, but they were

revived by the evil force of Coffee, their minds warped

into vicious beasts that want to kill all life as we know it.

Well, most of that is true, but they aren't that evil actually,

they just follow orders from any leader that is more

charismatic than them.


Welly was one of them... well, it is still a skeleton, but

nowadays, it runs a shop alongside Skelly, another skeleton

that used to serve Else, but, just like Welly, ran away

after fearing Else would become fat and unsexy.

Welly was just another skeleton in the army of

Monster Horde Leader, but it seems that contact with Else

has given him enough Charima Points to become an

independent character, which is a great step for someone

that looks so generic.


It set up a shop to gain some money from all the junk collcted

during his nomadic fighting ways... What would as skeleton

do with money beats us, though.

Anyways, it would be in the path of success, but, the fact that the

shop tends to move a lot makes it hard to locate... Any

similarities within this and Skelly's Profile is mere coincidence. Yep.


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