Age: 25 years old

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Hometown: Neo Tenochtitlan, in Acirema continent.

Skill: Proficiency in swords, guns, and pervertion.

First appearance: Chapter One

Current Location: With the party.


Yanzou Bechamell was born on Neo Tenochtitlan, the city

were Mexicans and commonsfolk are together.

His father used to be good friends with the Mexican

Army General, and, under his suggestion, he made Yanzou

enter the Military, where he learned the many secrets of the

Mexican Army, as his natural proficiency with weapons made him

run through the ranks with absolute ease.


Yanzou was later transfered from the Military into a Mercenary

Force with no nationality, where he later met Karenina Antanella.

Not wanting any relationship with a girl that was almost as

manly as him, he ditched her, and continued his services in the

Mercenary Force.


Nobody knows why Yanzou has been away from the Mercenary

Force for so long, while helping Mint Whelp find the Eternal Mint.

But, the fact that he has been talking about Karenina with a man

called "Mr. President" makes us wonder whether he is helping

MintWhelp out of goodwill or if it's part of a certain mission...


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