The Mint Whelp Saga

by Luis Loza



Webcomics that I read and like... or they paid me enough to say so:

THE ELVEN: One of the few comics about elves I can actually stand, see and await

it's updating like a craving child in search for food... Well, you get the point, I truly like this comic

and the author is a very nice person. If you can get through thinking that a good comic is

only about nice graphics, then you'll find an absorbing story in this amazing Webcomic!

Warning, though, it contains a few events of nudity, though, in my opinion, they ain't anything

explicit enough you have to take Yocasta's needles and take off your saint eyes with them, but,

just in case, I warn thee.


PLOTLESS VIOLENCE: It's plotless and it has weird and yet amazing Martial Arts choreographics. The art

is so-so so far, but the thing that keeps me reading this thing are the rants below the author's comic pages. They

can easily offend people, but, if you are actually a bit open minded, you'll eventually find the fun buried deep

within them. As an ironic note, my comic pretty much represents all what he hates about other webcomics. And yet,

I link him. Hopefully, he'll think that his superior intellect is at least surprising the ignorant masses. I warn you again,



QUESTIONABLE CONTENT: Maybe I'm too dull to understand, but, I don't see that this comic has that

great amount of "questionable content", then again, the author sometimes makes fun of religion and other things,

but it ain't nothing you have to take Yocasta's needles and take off your saint eyes with, but, just in case, I warn thee.

Still, it's an amazingly fun read, and the fact it updates quite daily makes my day. :D


TEA CLUB: The Amazingly Great Scott from The Elven brought this comic to my attention... And, how could I ignore

a comic where Tea plays such an important role? It doesn't update very often, but it is amazingly fun to read. Plus, it

has a bear and a catgirl... and humans! What else do you want? :) :)


IDIOTSRUS: The tales of an... interesting company. The cast has amusing quirks, and some of the character's designs look

interesting. Sometimes, the panels are hard to follow, but all in all, it has potential, and I like that!


This ain't webcomics, but I greatly advise to go see them:

SO BAD COMICS: Where I recieved my second serious critic (The first one being the one that a certain person

did for me)) It also has a nice assortment of other reviews he has done... Check his forum!


WEBSNARK: Well written, well thought reviews of very nice comics that I'll rarely read, mainly because I don't

have those time stretching powers Mr. Eric Burns seem to have to read that whole lot of comics. This place is

a MUST if you love Webcomicness


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Characters and story are copyright of Luis Loza, except for Jerred Crimson, the Fechis,

and Knowledgeable English Man, who are a creation of Lee Wrightson,

but I'm using them with permission, and you should ask for it if you plan to use them!

Don't put any images of this site on yours without full and concious permission

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