The Mint Whelp Saga

by Luis Loza


These have all the random in-comic pics that I manage to dish out. They go

usually from bad to yuck! But, there are a few good pics here and there.

Which ones are the good pics and which ain't? That's up to you to discover!

By the by, random not-so-in-comic pics can be found in my

Deviant Art account thingy, right here!


Characters and story are copyright of Luis Loza, except for Jerred Crimson, the Fechis,

and Knowledgeable English Man, who are a creation of Lee Wrightson,

but I'm using them with permission, and you should ask for it if you plan to use them!

Don't put any images of this site on yours without full and concious permission

from the author and of course, if you put them, you gotta put who did the pictures... me!


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