"It all began with a Mint Whelp, but only the

Gods of Tea know where will it end..."

by Bob, the Muscular God of Tea.


Chapter One:

The Beginning.


The ancient scrolls tell of a Mint Dragon Whelp, who, in his

quest to find the Eternal Mint, encountered an ex-mercenary called

Karenina Antanella, who licked him without caring about his

feelings. Still, after knowing that the woman was an ex-mercenary,

the Mint Whelp hired her for the long journey ahead.


Thanks to Karenina's experience, they were able to get a

nice, fast motorbike, and the possible location of the

Mint Scroll, an ancient text that would reveal them the location

of the Eternal Mint.


They fastly went on the motorbike towards the next town, which,

as a matter of cheapness, was conveniently called

"The Next Town". The Mint Whelp had an encounter with

an amazingly fat and Crushing Lady, who wounded him.

Karenina left Mint whelp in an Inn and under the weight of the

Motorbike, and investigated the location of the "Mint Scroll".


Her attention was waned away by a Nice Dress, though, and

she bought it, just in time to find that a Monster Horde of

Skeletons was attacking the Town. Karenina fought bravely

and defeated the Skeletons, but, had a hard time fighting

against the Monster Horde Leader.


Mint Whelp, recovered from all wounds, decided to help Karenina.

Thanks to the Inn Keeper's key to the armory shop, Mint Whelp

was able to find a gun to help Karenina, oblivious to the fact that

another figure entered the shop just behind him, and took

the URL Sword and a pair of Steel Pointed Boots with him.


The mysterious figure threw the items to Karenina, in order to

help her fight against the Monster Horde Leader.

With Mint Whelp's help, and a low blow on the

Monster Horde Leader, him and Karenina defeated the

Monster Horde of Skeletons.


The mysterious figure revealed himself as Yanzou Bechamell,

a mercenary that Karenina knew well. He joined the party

along with the Inn Keeper ((who, apparently

loves licking Mint Whelp)). The party refused the help of

some random Butterfly, who swore revenge on the party.


After knowing that the Inn Keeper had the Mint Scroll,

the party proceeded to read it... But the Scroll could only be read

by the hero of the comic. Alas, not even Mint Whelp

could read it, so the party decided to enter a sub-quest to find

the Real Hero of the Comic!


End of chapter 1.


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