"When I saw them come through the gates, I suspected

they would bring nothing but trouble. My suspicions were

confirmed, unfortunately, when our home disappeared."

by Timelson, ex-Guardian of Fechi Valley.


Chapter Two:

Fechi Valley.


And so, the party, now made up with Karenina the ex-Mercenary;

Yanzou, the mercenary; Inn Keeper the... well, the Inn Keeper,

and MintWhelp walked through plains and forests, fighting

against great evils, like the nefarious Slime Monster. Thanks

to Yanzou's muffin hitting the Slime's weak spot, the party

got victory against this fiend, ending up all covered with slime.


After a night full of revelations regarding Mint Whelp's gender,

the party reached Fechi Valley, home of the Fechies and

the place where the Sacred Teapot, home of the Knowledgeable

English Man, was. Yanzou told the party about the Guardian

of Fechi Valley, a powerful warrior they had to defeat in order to

enter the Fechi Valley.


First, the party encountered an Inflatable Toy. Just when the

battle was about to begin, the real Guardian of Fechi Valley

showed up. His name was Timelson, and he wanted a duel

with MintWhelp only.


The party knew that MintWhelp would have no chance against

such a mighty warrior and decided to find a way to cheat.

Thanks to the Help Text and Else's appearance, they

found a way to defeat Timelson, heroically attacking him

from the back while he was distracted with Else.


With Timelson defeated, the party finally entered Fechi Valley, and

enjoyed their thermal baths and refreshing culture. Yanzou and

Inn Keeper entered the Sacred Teapot Sanctum to summon

Knowledgeable English Man.


Also, in the meantime, Monster Horde Leader and Random Butterfly,

 who convinced the former to attack Fechi Valley, were

fighting against Inflatable Toy, being defeated one after

the other, not without some of Else's help, who made sure

Inflatable toy was nice and full of air.

They decided to wait until nightfall to defeat the Inflatable Toy.


Nighttime fell, and with it, Monster Horde Leader led his

army of evil skeletons into Fechi Valley, invading everything.

The party soon realized of that, and began to investigate

who was behind the Invasion, while destroying skeletons

in their way.


In the meantime, Else was being distracted by the skeletons,

who gave her a nice service in order to prevent her from

help in the counter attack against their invasion.

Timelson found them, and they decided to become their slaves

because Else was too Sexy to be far away from (at least in

the skeletons' opinion) Timelson decided to let them be

and enjoy their service.


After some situations, and after saving some of Fechi Valley's

citizens, (Little Fechies included) the party finally found the

responsible of Fechi Valley's Invasion, Random Butterfly, who was

reading his collection of PlayFly at the time.


Once defeated, he activated, by mistake, a button that

caused the closing of Fechi Valley. The Party tried to escape,

but, Karenina stayed to save a Fechi still trapped in the Valley.


Just as she was about to get away from the Valley, Karenina was

intercepted by The Monster Horde Leader, who was

decapitated after a short battle. Yet, Karenina's leg was wounded

and she could walk no more.


After a desperate attempt to make some more time for Karenina

to escape, and after some skeletons ran at the idea of a fat

Else, just in the very second Karenina was about to get crushed by

The Fechi Valley’s walls, a thunder of light saved her

just in the nick of time.


This Lightning of Hope was none other than Jerred Crimson, one

of the Legendary Heroes of the Tea Wars, a battle fought

to give people the goodness of Tea. After a brief introduction

and Yanzou humiliation, Jerred joined the party.


He read the Mint Scroll, revealing the next location the party

should go. MintWhelp could read the Scroll too, confirming he

was the Hero of the comic, much to the rest of the party's

anger and dismay. He couldn't read it at first because he was

holding the scroll upside down, and he feared he forgot

how to read.


Now, with a new member, and knowing the Fechies would search

for a new home, the party went towards Technocity a place

that caused Karenina a bit of tension.


Oh yeah, and Monster Horde Leader kind of came back to life

after thinking his troops were praising him, but...

Who cares about him, really?


End of chapter 2.


Characters and story are copyright of Luis Loza, except for Jerred Crimson, the Fechis,

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