Mint Whelp

Karenina Antanella

"I like Beer" Villager

Jaime Tagle

Crushing Fat Lady

Inn Keeper

Monster Horde of Skeletons

Monster Horde Leader

Gathered Crowd

Yanzou Bechamell

Random Butterfly



Inflatable Toy



Knowledgeable English Man

Little Fechies



Help Text

Jerred Crimson



ID Hacker

Neosaim Jr.

Gala Anabax

Anme Shieni

Tina Aldel

Angry Yet Civilized Mob


Technocity Sheriff

Emerald Corp. Police

Dejeron Updenroad


Ivory Hunters


The Slayer

Minouzu Jerred


Characters and story are copyright of Luis Loza,

except for Jerred Crimson, the Fechis,

and Knowledgeable English Man, who are a

creation of Lee Wrightson,

but I'm using them with permission, and

you should ask for it if you plan to use them!

Don't put any images of this site on yours

without full and concious permission

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